Triunity Sacred Oil-NEW- Three Saints in One

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This beautiful Oil was made from purity and love from three powerful Saints. St. Anthony, St. Padre Pio, and St. Michael. Many prayers  and intentions were said when making this oil for emotional, physical, spiritual healing along with protection
This sacred oil is made from 100% Natural Grape Seed Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with the essence of all three of these saints. You can use this oil in so many ways. It will help you raise your vibration and clear your energy. You may ingest drops of oil to increase your internal healing. Applying it to afflicted areas. You may also use it on areas causing you pain and discomfort. Anoint your chakras for clearing and balancing. Set your intention for emotional healing and spiritual enlightenment as you apply onto your heart charka. Using it before mediation will help you to connect to spirit and the divine.
You may add to diffusers to clear the energy in your space. Put on crystals to raise their frequency. Bless yourself and items. Add to s spiritual bath, apply after the bath, and showering. 
La Bella Essentials, LLC has many testimonies of their sacred oil but: there is no guarantee of healing. Disclaimer- There is no guarantee this oil will cure, or make you better. Please do not stop seeking medical treatments or attention. There are a disclaimer and directions with all products for you to carefully read.

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