Tribute to Saint Padre Pio & An Afternoon of Healing on the Beach 9/26

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We paying tribute to Saint Padre Pio for his feast day.  Many people have seen him inside my body and walk out of it. Every year, I have an event so that we can say thank you and honor him, I will touch on what my journey is with Padre Pio and how he came into my life. I will channel and be a conduit for Padre Pio and the divine during the event. I will be doing hands-on healing & long-distance healing while Charlie Tedesco, sound healer, will be playing the sound bowls and planetary bells to enhance the healing even more. You will receive 1 ml of my new Saint Padre Oil to put on during this healing meditation. We will be saying the divine mercy rosary to mother mary. I will pull a Padre Pio Card for each person so they have a personal message from him as a keepsake along with both our energy on the card. 
You will be able to light a flameless candle that you may bring home since the essence of Padre Pio and the divine will be on it.
We will write a note of gratitude and prayers, that I will hang from his statue at home.
I will open your awareness to Saint Padre Pio and the divine. 
If you are drawn to my event he wants you to be there along with the divine family. They may just want you to be aware they are with you and hear your prayers, want to work with you to help others, open that heavenly door-we need many lightworkers now or simply just give you healing emotionally or physically.
Being open to this, I can align your frequency to attune to him and the divine. I will raise your vibration so you can connect with spirit, St.. Padre Pio & the divine to help you be aware and open you up. Healing can be clearing all energy from your aura field and Charakas. There are many things healing can do for you physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
 Price includes flameless candles, 1 ml of saint padre oil, and a one-decade rosary of Padre Pio, and 2 prayer cards.
I briefly tell my story, my story of how this Saint came into my life and changed my whole outlook on life!
We will be doing the divine mercy rosary and prayers and much more. THIS EVENT IS DEDICATED TO MY BEAUTIFUL  MOTHER VIVIAN AND MY FRIEND IDA COPPOLA.

**This event is non-refund available** only if there is a change where everything is shut down and there is a reason I am unable to do this event or provide you a seat*** Please note the event room is spacious and you are permitted to move your seat to a secluded space and wear a mask.  Wearing Masks are optional. If you are ill and want special seating to feel safe I can provide that. Please let me know in advance. If you have any questions, please feel to email me at [email protected]

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