Mediumship Reading & Divine Healing (Integrated Healing)

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This is a one-hour session. You will receive a 30 min reading and 30 min healing. As you know we can not control what the Divine feels we need. They want you to receive more healing rather than a reading or vise vera. It is a beautiful combo. I will do my best to make this combo an even 30 minutes for the healing and reading. I can not control what St. Padre Pio and the divine, & God wants me to do. 
I will first go in and do long-distance healing for you then proceed with any messages the saints/divine may have. Messages may come during the healing as well.
When proceeding to the reading, I will ask for loved ones to come in. Again, they will control the one-hour session. You must trust they know what is best for you! It can be opposite and feel you need more than the healing and give you more of a reading. I am giving readings. You can let me know prior what you are looking for and discuss what is best for you as well. There are many choices. The energy can be intergrated.

** There is no refunds