St. Therese The Little Flower- Tranquility

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St, Therese came to me during a meditation to assist with my life lessons that I am here for and need to let go. She knew I was trying to get through these trials and tribulations that were holding me back. The healing I needed to do for myself. She told me she wanted to make an oil to bring peace, tranquility and serenity to them. She said to call in Blessed Mother and herself while using the oil.
She made the oil with me putting her essence in the oil and praying over it. She than put her essence through me to put into the oil as well. I pulled God's white light into the oil and prayed over it to help people with their life lessons, mental illness, any emotional issues, anxiety, ADHD, physical illness and more.

Each oil comes with a beautiful picture of St. Therese drawn by Peter Criscione and a prayer on the back. The oil is sold in a 2 oz blue bottle with suggested use.

Put on afflicted areas. During mediation or just sitting quietly. Inhale, peace and calmness-tranquility than exhale all that does not serve you purpose anymore, anything negative or holding you back. Keep doing this repeatedly as you put the oil on you in downward motion.  Please call in Blessed Mother and Mother Therese to help you. Put it on your heart chrakra to bring in tranquility and love.

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