St. Padre Pio Oil-Patron Saint of Illness, Suffering & Healing

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2 oz  PET Coblat blue Bottle  Ingredients: 100% Natural Grapeseed Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Saint Padre Pio came to me in a mediation, he told me to take the oil  I had and anoint the sick. He told me people would not believe me until miracles happened. I went to hospital where my friends Mother was in ICU, I prayed to him, God and Mother Mary and anointed her body with the oil . The next day, she no longer needed a respirator to breathe, her vital signs were better and she no longer had to stay in the ICU Unit.

Two months later, he came to me and told me he wanted me to make an oil with me. He wanted a oil that heals others and that pertained his spirit energy in it. He wanted the oil to be grape seed and Olive Oil. He guided me to make this oil. When I placed my hands on and in the oil my hands began to pulsate. I allow Padre Pio to merge with my soul to infuse his spirit essence through me into the Oil. I could see him applying his own vibration and energy to the oil  as he was praying over it, as well.. People have gave me testimonies that oil has made them feel better., taken away pain, helped them to heal emotionally and even some Miracles.

Directions: Illness: Make the sign of the cross on your forehead and chest. You will receive a pray card with oil. There is 2 prayers you need recite two that I channeled from him. You may put the oil on any afflicted areas. You can ingest the oil by placing a few drops on your tongue, or place on bread, or salad.. to increase internal healing. It can be used for any  blessing of the home, car, family members, rosary. jewelry to name a few .. The Oil comes with my story of making the oil with him, his prayer and directions on how to use this oil. 

Emotional & Spiritual : Make the sign of the cross on forehead and rub on your heart chakra, and recite the two prayers. Say your intention of what you may need.

For the best effect of this oil you should use it everyday!

The oil comes with a drawing by Peter Criscione of St. Padre Pio and a prayer on the back

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