Saint Peregrine-Patron Saint of Cancer & Diseases

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St. Peregrine, came to me and told me he wanted to make an oil for people who had Cancer.  He said too many were suffering from this disease. I prayed the St. Peregrine Novena over the oil. He did a mass over it, speaking in both Latin and Italian. He then placed both hands in the oil. At one point he put his left hand in and his right hand over my crown chakra, allowing me to be the vessel to administer his healing energy. He asked that I draw in God's white light into the oil, administering the healing energy, bringing all their spirit energy together as one. Jesus, with thorns on His head, placed His Divine Mercy light into the oil. The Blessed Mother placed a rose in the oil and her fingertips gently touched it as well. She remained saying a prayer quietly over the oil. I was able to see my own hands in the oil with the stigmata on them. 

Directions: Make the sign of cross with the oil, Pray to St. Peregrine for the intercession of healing from Christ. Put the oil on all afflicted areas. You may ingest a drop of oil, to increase internal healing. If you are getting any medical treatment, please ask your physician if you can ingest 100% Grapeseed oil and Extra Virgin Olive oil.

The oil comes with a drawing of St. Padre Pio by Peter Criscione and a prayer on the back

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