Saint Anthony Oil-Patron Saint of Miracles

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2 oz PET Blue bottle with plastic reducer inside to control pouring.

Saint Anthony is the saint for lost objects but the the miracle worker of saints. I have been devoted to St. Anthony since I was young. He saved my son's life, in return I gave my son his name. When Saint Anthony and I connected, he asked me to make an oil in order to heal people physically. I was overjoyed. Saint Anthony is a loving and gentle Saint and so is his oil. People have noted its calming effects and so much more. One of the things he wanted to help people with is the balancing of the charka  system. If the chakra system is out of balance or blocked, it can lead to emotional or physical problems.   He told me that the oil should be rubbed into each chakra with the intention of clearing and balancing. It can also be used with one chakra that needs attention.  ie: If you have Thyroid you should work on the Throat Chakra. You can google the illness you may have for which chakra to work with. While making the Oil, I saw Mother Mary she blessed the oil. Jesus was sitting next her his message was:  Everyone should have strong faith in me and the Saints, trusting what you may not be able to see-Miracles Can Happen. This oil is not only helpful for the chakra system. It can be used for any special intentions, afflicted areas, blessing of the home, jewelry to name a few .. The Oil comes with a drawing of St. Anthony by Peter Criscone and  his unfailing pray and directions on how to use this oil. You may ingest a few drops to gets its fullest potential. People have given me testimonies that the oil helped relieve pain, and made them feel better and even a Miracle! For the best effect of this oil you should use it everyday!

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