Mediumship Reading

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Mediumship Reading - One Hour Session

I use my gift to fulfill God's work and connect with your loved ones who have passed on to the other side in Heaven. This is to help heal those who are grieving from the loss of a loved one. Our loved ones that have crossed over in God's white light are just as eager to speak to us, so you know they are okay and still with you in your daily life.  Giving validation of memories of their life here, so you can validate its your loved one that is giving you the messages. Most of all they want you to know that the bond & love that you have is not depleted because they passed, their soul is still alive and very much with you. They may even give information about things that have happened while they've passed so that you know they are watching down from Heaven and you are not alone. They may give guidance in the healing messages.

I am not in control of what they have to say or who comes through for you in the reading. You are welcome to bring jewelry, pictures or any items. Before the reading invite your loved ones to the reading. Recording of the session is allowed.

Reading is as follows: In Person, Skype, or by telephone.

Availability: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Weekends.

*After payment is received I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.