Jesus Christ Oil

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This beautiful oil is made with the essence of Jesus and God. I channeled with Jesus a while to create this oil. He wanted this oil to be limitless, with all good intentions. That the customer will make it the oil for what their intentions are. As suggestions, you can use the oil for physical illness, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. 
With that being said put on any areas where you have pain or need healing, put on your chest with positive affirmations such as Thank You God that my body is healthy and my immune system is strong, nothing can touch me. You can use it for spiritual growth-before classes use it on your charkas to enhance your abilities. when feeling down use it on your heart, with affirmations of peace.  Put a drop into your candles to strengthen your prayers. You may ingest a drop a day to enhance your healing. You may bless yourself, items, your car... Please note that this oil is not to be used in other products or products for sale. There is a disclaimer when you purchase the oil.
The message God and Jesus want is for you to love yourself, love others the way you want to be loved, To have FAITH, AND BELIEVE. To use this oil with your own belief system having faith. I feel having faith while using this oil is very important. That is oil can assist in even encouraging everyone to live their dreams, spiritual and personal growth. new beginnings, christ consciousness, recreating, and rebirth. You can create the oil for what your own good intentions are for, make it your own.  This can assist you in involving oneness with the creator. He/God wants you all to know he loves you and is there for you. PLEASE HAVE FAITH !
Oil is 2 OZ blue cobalt PPE Safe Bottle with a gold Cap. Blue Organza Bag. It comes with a beautiful Picture drawn by Peter Criscione, which is shown here as an image.

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