Healing with the Divine

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Certified Reiki Practitioner - Level 2  Divine-Spiritual Healing - 1 Hour Session

One on One Personal Healing: Includes cleansing your body with sage or a clearing spray I make with Archangel Michael  Detaching anything that does not belong to you that may be negative with assistance from Arch Angel Michael.  The first 10 minutes consist of interaction with the client to establish what is happening in their life both physically and emotionally. Reiki and Energy healing consists of balancing your physical, spiritual, emotional well-being.  I am able to connect with Divine Sources such as God, Divine Mother, the Saints, and Arch Angel Michael & Raphael. I channel from them what I need to do in the session and I use the Sacred Oil of the Saints whatever one I am called to use on you. In Addition, Saint Padre Pio came to me and advised me to anoint the sick with his oil as I pray to him, God and Divine Mother.  I channel and infused the essence of his spirit in this oil. I cannot guarantee the outcome, I can only administer.  I am available mornings, afternoon, evenings, and Weekends. If I am going to a LOCAL  Residence, Hospital or Nursing Home, there is no additional traveling cost. A  traveling cost will apply if I am traveling further than that. Depending on how far I need to travel. If there are any traveling costs it will be discussed before scheduling the appointment & payment.

Long Distance Healing: It is the same as Personal Healing but it does a little bit different.  I recommend before the session the client should say a pray and use the oil of the saints. The client will lay down on the bed, couch or wherever they are comfortable. I will call the client at the appointment time. I am a conduit for healing with Saint Padre Pio and the Divine.  I am able to do remote viewing and or astral plane healing which means my spirit/soul is the room while the saints and divine are doing the healing on the client. I then will let you know what they are doing and any messages they may have for you. I channel in the healing you need and what I need to do assist them in this session. At times if the Saints have a message I will deliver to you as well. 

Clients have witnessed feeling warm or cold feeling, tingling sensations on parts of their body, goosebumps, scents and the presence of the Saints. I have had sessions where a pet or loved one will show to give you a few messages.
*After payment is received I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.