Blowing Kisses From Heaven- Saturday, Feb.12th 1:00-3:30 PM EST-NY Time

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* How our loved ones are with us, and how do they let you know they are there: SIgns from our loved ones the common ones and not so common ones
*  Some ways to try to cope with grief 
* How do we open ourselves up to our loved ones with the protection of God and Archangels 
* Guided Meditation for you to connect with your loved ones
* 10 Minute open forum for Questions and Answers
*  45 minutes- of a group reading ( not everyone will have a chance to get a reading)
** Most of all, I will channel what spirit, your loved ones, would want me to do with you so this can easily change as soon as I get on the zoom. I will say you will not be disappointed***

This will be an online event via virtual-ZOOM. If you do not have zoom it is easy to use and takes 5 minutes to download to your phone or computer. You will have the choice to mute your background noise and a choice not to be seen in the group if you would not like to show yourself. Even though, I encourage it.