Grandpa Pete
It all started when my Grandpa Pete came to me in a dream showing me a white bag that had "Mary Kay" on it. He said one day I would be doing something like this. One year later, a friend of mine was selling foot body butter. I asked her if she needed help promoting and selling her product. Since there was a large distance between us this was not an option. She gave me some advice and said “why don’t you make it yourself”. I researched, and watched videos for hours. I formulated my first lip butter and handed them out to my family and friends and they loved it!  This motivated me to formulate other products such as hand & body lotion; shower gel, etc. I continued to give them out to my family and friends to test. After receiving such positive feedback I decided to become certified in making bath and body products.

The name La Bella Essentials came from my grandpa as well. When I was a child he would squeeze my face and say Facha Bella, which means “beautiful face” in Italian. My products were not only going to be skincare so I added essentials. All items are made with the finest ingredients to ensure quality and are handcrafted fresh with love and light.

Rosemarie Nasta Hall
La Bella Essentials LLC


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